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Covid-19 waves

Post-Covid 19 World

It may take years for any infection to go away for ever but endemicity may change. The Covid-19 pandemic is not over, cases are rising again. The reason could be the new virus strains around yet to be scientifically/epidemiologically validated , it also possibly could be due to complacency towards Covid appropriate behavior. Masks are half down and social intermingling has begun in full swing. Human beings by nature are social animals and it is very difficult to cage them in boundaries. Virus does not understand that, so humans with their intelligence will have to realize the need of the hour and protect themselves.

A year on into the pandemic, we have to some extent deciphered the virus, its behavior and effect. Medical fraternity has been able to control deaths, but prevention is prime. Vaccines have become available, although they are emergency use vaccines and it is not confirmed how long they will provide protection, but seemingly they will be able to reduce the serious consequences of the disease even if one gets the disease post vaccine, however more data is needed to confirm its full use and efficacy. Indian vaccines are said to have around 70% efficacy. Even after vaccination it is very important to follow Covid appropriate behavior i.e. ., mask on, social distancing and hand washing. Studies show if both wearing mask a distance of 3 feet is protective. Crowded places must be avoided and unnecessary travels restricted. Self responsibility is prime in post covid world. The world has changed in many ways post the emergence of this pandemic. We have learned to use technology for work, shopping and many other day to day activities. Work from home wherever possible is here to stay. Advantages of online shopping and doorstep delivery of goods have been realized. Online education is being institutionalized and structured. Meetings conferences at all levels including international communications are online and advantages may make them online permanently in most cases. Travel will take a new shape and dimension. People are trying to make their homes a new arena for entertainment and joy.

Humans are intelligent they will innovate new ways of life and survival post pandemic. Presently most important and prime for all of us is to get vaccinated and strictly follow covid appropriate behavior to live on happily.

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