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Who we are

​Our foundation is unique, first of its kind in the world. It provides a background of extensive knowledge about India (metro, urban, rural and tribal) and developing and developed world. We are a group of young dynamic professionals striving to improve the quality of life of the people in need. We are constantly guided and motivated by mentors and advisers in our endeavor.


To empower youth with ancient Indian scientific knowledge & contemporary modern science to build an equitable world order



  • Our Team
    Dr. Amit Sengupta​ (MBBS (Delhi),MD in OBGYN (Delhi) PhD (IIT Delhi), MROGS (Rom.EU) Founder and Director Dr. Sarbani Sengupta (MBBS, PGDHHM,PGM,ex-WHO professional, searo, afro,hq) Co-founder and Director Tubercolosis, HIV, Cancer and Health Literacy Mr. Atharva Kimbahune Founder at Askim Technologies Mentorship, Training and Application Development Dr. S.K.Pahuja (B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD – IIT Delhi). Maternal Health Technology, Research and Development Dr. M.S.Nagananda (B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD – IIT Delhi). Cognitive Research and Behavioural Sciences Dr. Jaydip Sensharma (B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD from IIT Delhi). Innovation and Biochemical Technology Mr. Promit Biswas MSc. (Electronics), MS (Bioengineering–UK). IPR Medtech Devices and Mentorship Mr. Arnab Kumar Chattapadhyaya (MVA) Artist Painting and Sculpture Mr. Niharendu Jagatdev BA (Psych), MA (Public Admin), LLB Health. Social Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship Dr. Sakti Srivastava MD,MS, Professor of Surgery, USA. DigiMed Initiative and Innovative Technology
  • Meet our volunteers:
    Dr. Sharang Athavle M.D. Homeopathy, Ayush Initiative Mr. Akshat Shukla, Tata Sustainability Group ICT and M-Health Initiative Ms. Megha Tak (B.Tech), MBA (Duke Univ, USA). Dr. Yuvraj Singh Assistant Professor (RehabMed) Mr. Mohit Setia MS (UCLA) Dr. Bharat MBBS Ms. Rutuja Kulkarni B.Tech Ms Remya Rajan Tata ProEngage/TCS Mr. Vignesh P, Tata Sustainability Group Mr. Lilli Prasath, Tata Sustainability Group
  • Meet our Social Entrepreneurs (We are mentoring)
    Bastar food firm and consultancy services (Bastar) Maa Ambe tribal women Co-op Group (Bastar)​​ More⇗ Mr. Asif Khan Social Entrepreneur More⇗ Ms.Rukhasar Khan Med Technologist
  • Partnerships
    We are partnering with the Government of India, DST and NGO Agencies on Maternal Health, Cancer and Medical Technology. We are also a part of the Advisory Committee of various Nodal Agencies. We are partnering with NGI University, Tamil Nadu and Rotary International, India to develop their programs for the society.
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